3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials

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3W UV Laser Marking Machine


Nonmetallic Materials UV Laser Marking Machine

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Glass Plastic And Other Non-Metallic Materials


Product Introduction

MRJ-UV series is a type of laser marking machine that adopts UV laser as its key core technology. The marking machine with UV laser has a natural charm in processing technology. It has become one of the mainstream lasers in industry by the characteristics of wave length, narrow pulse width, fast speed, easy absorption of materials and high peak value. Ultraviolet laser technology is maturing, processing technology has been widely used and popularized. The main marking materials of UV lasers are plastics, glass, ceramics and metals.


MRJ-Laser UV laser marking machine power ranges from 3 W,5W to 10 W,15W or even to 20W. It can meet different processing requirements in the market. The large increase of power makes the processing performance be multiplied. And It can realize the ultra-fine processing effect, such as no burning edge, no carbonization, small thermal effect, and finally realize the modern process requirements.


Product Advantages

UV laser marking machine is the opposite to the fiber laser marking machine. People usually call it "cold" processing. Through high energy density of laser local irradiation on the workpiece(to be marked), the surface is gasified or its color is changed by photochemical reaction, so as to achieve a permanent mark. Because it has no consumables, and the marking effect is fine and beautiful, it has become an irreversible trend to replace the traditional marking technology.


Product Parameters

Laser Power 3W 5W 8W
Laser Wavelength 355nm 355nm 355nm
Beam Quality M2<1.2 M2<1.2 M2<1.2
Repetition Frequency ±0.002mm ±0.002mm ±0.002mm
Marking Field 100mmx100mm 100mmx100mm 100mmx100mm
Marking Speed 14000mm/s 14000mm/s 14000mm/s
Repetition Frequency 15-100KHz 15-100KHz 15-100KHz
Minimum Line Width 10um 10um 10um
Minimum Character 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Machine Power 600W 800W 1000W
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years


Product Features

1. UV laser source

MRJ-UV series is equipped with a type of UVlaser which is more compact.The whole part of power supply is integrated into the laser head. This makes the size of the lasermuch smaller, and the integration into a system much easier and convenient.


3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 0


2. Galvanometer and Field Lens

The galvanometer has good operation stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability. The comprehensive performance reaches the professional technical level of the same type of products at home and abroad.

The field lens

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 1


Product Application

MRJ-Laser' s UV laser marking machine can be used in many fields. It can mark on metals and non-metals.

Take some examples.

1. UV laser marking on 3C products

3C products are emerging with the development of electronic industry in recent years, and in order to meet the higher aesthetic needs of modern people, the processing technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, in order to save production cost and a permanent mark, enterprises urgently need to find a new processing method, which has become an urgent demand at present. UV laser marking machine has a low temperature in marking process, the marking speed is fast. It can also be controlled remotely through computer and achieve accurate marking. Because of the unique properties of ultraviolet laser, it will not cause deformation, yellowing and blackening of picture and text while marking on plastics.

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 2

2. UV laser marking on precious metals

It is known that many parts of printed circuit boards(PCB) are made of precious metal materials, including gold, silver and copper. In order to distinguish brands better, merchants often add their own unique logos on the surface of such small accessories. Traditional marking technologies, like inkjet or sandblasting marking, are difficult to achieve such fine process standards. UV laser’s output beam spot is only 0.7 mm, pulse width 15 nm, laser frequency 30 KHz, which can achieve fine marking parameters.

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 3

3. UV laser for engraving on glass

Glassware is often in contact with our daily life, it can be used to decorate, store, furnish and so on. Now we often see some cups with beautiful carving. That can be attained by UV laser marking machine. The speed of UV laser engraving is faster and refined than that of manual engraving. The efficiency is higher. The surface is smooth and flat, and the less in mass production.

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 4

4. Others

Ultraviolet laser equipment can be used in many fields of flexible plate production, including FPC shape cutting, contour cutting, drilling, covering film opening window, soft and hard bonding plate cover and trimming, mobile phone case cutting, PCB shape cutting and so on. The marking effect is clear and bright. It can mark both black and white.

3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetallic Materials 5

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