New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China
Brand Name: MRJ-Laser
Certification: CE, FDA, ISO9001
Model Number: MRJ-FLC-150B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box or flight case
Delivery Time: 7-10 days for general type machines ,15-30 days for customized machines
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 100 units per month
Alternative Name: 150W Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Warranty: 2 Years After-sales Service Provided: 7*24 Hours After-sales Response
Transportation: By Air, By Sea, By Railway Etc Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, DDP, DFR Or Any Other Term As You Request
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laser metal cleaner


laser paint rust remover

150W Fiber Laser Rust Removal Machine

Product Introduction
♦ This 150W fiber laser cleaning machine is a high-tech product for metal surface cleaning, without chemical reagent and medium, dust-free and anhydrous.

♦ It adopts laser source imported from Gernany or USA, which has a high conversion rate of light to laser and can make laser clean more efficient.

♦ The machine has an integrated design, It is easy to assemble and operate.

♦ The unique self-developed spiral cleanig controlling system can adapt laser system conveniently. Different languages are available.

All these above features make it a portable laser high speed descaling machine.


Performance Parameter

Model MRJ-FLC-150
Laser Power 120W/Fiber
Clean Length 1mm to 100mm
Cleaning speed 1-1000mm/s
Focus Length F=254±25mm/500±25mm
Cleaning ability 18M²/Hour
Drift for a long time <0.5mRad
The maximum scan angle ±15°
Repeat accuracy 8μRad
Cooling Air Cooling
Cable Length 3m to 6m(optional)
Dimension 670x436x865mm
Weight 47±0.1KG
Working Temperature 0℃-45℃
Storage temperature -10 to +60℃
Clean head weight 2.5±0.1KG
Control Screen 7 inch (Can be customized)
Warranty time 2 years


Product Details

New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning 0


Product Advantages

♦  Non-contact cleaning

    No direct chemical or other harmful substances contact, no harm to workers' health.

♦  Customizable and personalized cleaning head

    There are 3 types of clean head to choose.

New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning 1


♦  Unique self-developed spiral cleaning mode:

    This laser rust cleaning removal system makes more uniform cleaning surface, WITHOUT zebra crossing compared with traditional laser cleaning.

New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning 2

♦  No any damage to substrate of components

    Laser cleaning can effectively avoid changes in mechanical properties or hardness of metal materials.The nondestructive cleaning can be realized by controlling process parameters reasonably.


Application Field

♦ Precise de-coating of small areas 

♦ Natural stone cleaning

♦ Rust/oxide removal

♦ Oil & grease removal/Cleaning oil deposits

♦ Paint & plating removal

♦ Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding

♦ In-line baking plate cleaning

♦ Print rollers cleaning

♦ Weld seam pre-treatment and emoval preparation welding layers

♦ Industrial, military & shipyard - production intensive de-coating

♦ Nuclear de-contamination

New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning 3

New 150W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Container / Bottle Cleaning 4


Knowledge: how to clean rust

Nowadays, there are mainly the following several ways to clean rust.


♦ High pressure water jet for rust removal

High-pressure water jet rust cleaning technology is a new technology developed rapidly in the 1970s. It takes water as the medium, and forms high pressure through high-pressure water generating device, and then jets out water with concentrated energy and high speed through special nozzle, and finally finish the rust removal of the object.


♦ Chemical pickling method


This can be divided into tank pickling method and cycle pickling method.

Both are to put the workpiece to be cleaned in the acid and achieve the purpose of derusting through the reaction between acid and rust. It is simple to operate, but there will be a lot of pollution and a large amount of work to be done.


♦ Ultrasonic derusting

This technology integrates ultrasonic oil removal, rust removal and phosphating. In addition to the high degree of metal surface purification, fast phosphating speed, low pollution and energy saving characteristics, it can also better solve the problem of complex parts, such as edges, angles and holes. 


♦ Sandblasting derusting


Sandblasting derusting technology refers to the one that using a certain size of abrasive (quartz sand, river sand, iron sand, iron shot, etc.), under a certain air pressure, jet them to the surface of iron and steel. By the hardness, toughness and angles of the abrasive itself, get the rust removal done on the iron and steel surface. 


♦ Laser rust removal


Laser cleaning technology refers to the process of using high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to make the surface dirt, rust or coating instantly evaporate and peel off, and achieve the cleaning process. As a novel cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has been applied in many cleaning fields, including mechanical industry, microelectronics industry and art protection. Laser rust removal is an important application field of laser cleaning technology. Compared with mechanical derusting, chemical derusting and other traditional derusting methods, laser derusting has the following characteristics.

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