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Set Sail, Fighting For 2020

May 22, 2020

-The third anniversary of MRJ-Laser establishment and the grand ceremony for 2020

At the start of the new year, everything is renewed. In the afternoon of January 4, 2020, the Minjiang Hall of Chengdu Tianyi International Hotel was full of laughter, applause and joy. The grand ceremony of the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and the annual conference 2020 was held here. The theme of this year's annual meeting is "Set sail, fight for 2020". Strategic partners, suppliers, customers and friends from domestic laser industry, together with all employees of the company, summarize the outstanding achievements of the past year and continue to explore the brilliant future of the new year.

         Summarize the past and set new goals

2019 has passed quietly, and 2020 is here. The anniversary set off with a special commemorative film. All participants reviewed the ups and downs of the company in the past three years. Afterwards, the directors of all departments of the company successively gave speech about what they had learned, achieved and felt in the company in the past three years, and made arranges as well as deployed their respective work in 2020.

At the ceremony, the general manager delivered a keynote speech. Starting from the company's corporate culture, she particularly pointed out the core competitiveness and strategic focus of the company's development, closely linked the development of the company with the development of each employee, affirmed each employee's contribution to the company, and put forward higher requirements and expectations for the company's work in 2020 and in the future . In the past year, the sales performance of the laser products of the company has been increasing, and the influence of the brand has been expanding rapidly in global markets. At present, 50 countries and regions are using the laser cleaning machine and laser marking machine made by MRJ-Laser. In order to consolidate the performance and expand the results of sales volume, a higher goal was set for 2020. Besides, the general manager led all participants to solemnly swear: "I, as a solider of MRJ-Laser, make a vow here today that I will not fail the expectation and trust, achieve work goals and missions..." Soldiers of sales department hold their "Sale Goal" in hand, and made a strong oath, to achieve the 2020 sales target.

         Encourage and award

In order to appreciate the employees for their hard work during MRJ's development, and also to maximize the recognition and motivation of the team, as well as encourage the outstanding employees to further strive and realize their self-worth, Market Development Pioneer Award, Production and Quality Management Excellence Award, Technical Service Excellence Award, Research and Development Innovation Award and other awards were granted to those teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of MRJ-Laser.

         Ring Out the Old Year and Ring in the New Year

At the last part of the ceremony, the versatile MRJers deliberately prepared many interesting and bravo performances, offering a beautiful, wonderful and amusing audio-visual feast for the people who came to the anniversary. The dance Make Progress Every Day and Swan Disco are joyful, lively and lovely, which shows the vigorous youth and vitality of MRJers. The poetry recitation Life Is Like Summer Flowers is full of emotion, expressing the heroic ambition of MRJ employees to move towards the world. The songs She Comes to Listen to My Concert and Fairy Tale are touching and memorable, singing out the yearning of MRJ for a better life. The skits Rob the Court and The Legend of Zhen Huan are even more ingenious and won a lot of laughs, which all showed the optimistic and upward life attitude of MRJ people. The whole party was brilliant and warm, cheered and amused all the audience greatly. In addition to the rich and colorful performances, the dinner party also had exciting lottery draws and games, which threw party to the climax.

Carry on the past and usher in the new year, and make great achievements again. In the cheers of everyone, we bid farewell to 2019 and reaped the joy of outstanding achievements and success. For 2020, MRJ-Laser quoted the words of China General Secretary Xi: seize the day, never waste the moments! We will stand at a new start hand in hand, and work together to draw a more magnificent blueprint for MRJ- Laser!

New year's Day is coming, all colleagues of Chengdu MRJ-Laser wish all our customers and friends: Happy New Year! Surging Career ! Good Health! All the Best Wishes!


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