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Go Far Stably By Digging More Into Technology Innovation

May 22, 2020

23rd Nov, MRJ-Laser attended Ninth 2019 Sichuan – Taiwan Industrial Design Awards. Its product – Automation laser cleaning machine caught lots of eyes among 7439 designs. MRJ-Laser shown its muscle and charming by technology ability.

MRJ-Laser is always keeping invest into technology innovation to meet customer’s application requirement and customization request according to market feedback since early this year, which integrated laser cleaning machine with industrial precision robot arm by optimize the optic, mechanical, circuit control, and software design. By then, new generation of automation laser cleaning machine born to the new world. The new generation is labor saving and make the spot more precision to achieve average cleaning effect. The operation is sample while the function is stable, which are widely used in army, aviation, marine, railway, etc industrial application to remove oil, fat, rust, paint layer, oxide layer with environmental friendly way.

What’s more, the machine preset the function like visualization, internet communication, internet data saving, etc extended port.

As a great power in China laser industry, MRJ-Laser insist to believe in that only digging more into technology innovation, a company can go far stably and safely. The company will put all efforts into industrial surface treatment application research and development to increase the using efficiency of laser cleaning machine to win more market by technology and win more satisfactory and reputation from clients and industry by both hard ability and software ability.

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