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Develop Team Morale, Gather Development Momentum

May 22, 2020

——Sidelights of the first basketball match of "MRJ-Laser Cup"

"Go, Wolf team..." "Go, Ruijie team..."

The first “MRJ-Laser basketball Cup” was held in Huaishu Basketball Stadium at Dec. 25th, which was very exciting. 2019 is about to pass away, the young men of MRJ-Laser celebrate Christmas in such a special way and welcome the new year.

On the court, basketball players compete fiercely and run fast. Quick counterattack, decisive dunk, perfect snatch of wonderful scenes is one after another. Some players were sweating, some were out of breath, some fell down, but stand up and went into the fierce competition. Li Kaixian, the "magic pitcher" of the "Ruijie team", was skilled in the ball, shooting at fixed points, dribbling, three-step layup and scoring repeatedly. He has contributed 16 points to the team; Guo Jingrui, the "rebounder king" of the "Wolf team", still lead the team to fight tenaciously, once bringing the score close and surpassing. After a fierce competition between two teams, the "Ruijie team" won in the end.

The whole competition reached a level, which not only showed the high level of competition, but also showed the good mental outlook and unrestrained youth vitality of the MRJ-Laser Team. Through this competition, the spiritual and cultural life of the company's employees has been further enriched, morale has been further encouraged, and the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team have been enhanced.

Everyone has more confidence in the coming 2020! In 2020, we are ready!

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