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A small volume, large energy UV laser unveiled on LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA

March 29, 2021

From March 17 to March 19, the annual LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA arrived as scheduled. As the most famous large exhibition in the optoelectronic industry, it has attracted many well-known enterprises from all over the world to participate. At this year's fair, Hou Dongchao, application manager of MKS in China, explained MKS’ related products, technologies and development direction.


MKS’ Spectra-Physics unveiled the world's smallest active Q-switched UV laser with a single pulse energy of more than 200 μJ. It is a new high energy ultraviolet (UV) laser with a pulse energy 3.5 times that of the current Explorer One HP Series ultra-compact active Q-switched laser. The new laser has a pulse energy of more than 200 μJ, an average power of more than 4W, a pulse width of less than 15 ns, an adjustable repetition rate of up to 200 kHz, and a dynamic closed-loop pulse energy control function.


Combining powerful features and precision controls in an ultra-compact size, the product is ideal for the precision manufacturing industry, making it an ideal choice for ablation molding of displayer and photovoltaic film , adjustment of micro-resistor and capacitor adjustment, and high contrast marking for medical devices, plastics and glass. It adopts “It's in the Box™” design combineing electronic components and laser cavities in a lightweight package which can be quickly and directly integrated into compact tools and desktop instruments.The reliable ”Explorer One” computer platform ensures round-the-clock operation in harsh operating environments.


In addition, Spectra-Physics offers the ICefyre 355-50 picosecond ultraviolet laser and the Spirit 1030-140 femtosecond laser. Icefyre 355-50 picosecond UV laser pulse width < 12 ps (10 ps Typical), the maximum output power > 50W, the maximum single pulse energy BBB>uJ, and the maximum repulse frequency 10MHz, support the TimeShift edit pulse string technology, which can be used in OLED processing and other applications.


The Spirit 1030-140 femtosecond laser has a central wavelength of 1030nm, a maximum output power of > 140W, a maximum single-pulse energy of BBB>0uJ, and a maximum repeatability frequency of 30MHz. It supports pulse train technology, its high pulse energy and repeatability femtosecond pulses enable the most challenging machining applications. In addition, it also shows the Talon nanosecond laser, SPFL fiber laser, several femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers in the field of scientific research, as well as ultra-narrow linewide laser products in the field of quantum science.


In addition to the ultra-fast laser, MKS also featured Newport brand’s semiconductor wafer testsolutions for semiconductor wafer testing, microLED repair, optical communication precision alignment and a complete set of solutions of Surround the Workpiece ®. “ Surround the Workpiece ®”is MKS’a whole set of solutions in complete broad range of products and professional technical basis, including the process of generation, control in the optical system; laser product design and development in the process of measurement; components selection, maintenance, repair and calibration services in system integration and selection of subsystems and components. All of the above is based on providing customers with comprehensive solutions, pre-market and after-sales services and supports. The market applications cover optical systems and subsystems from scientific research to industrial applications.

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