30W 50W 1.3mJ Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine With 1.5kg Laser Head

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MRJ-Laser
Certification: CE, FDA, ISO9001
Model Number: MRJ-FLC-30, MRJ-FLC-50
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box or flight case
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: T/T,Alipay
Supply Ability: 1000units per month
Alternative Name: Desktop Portable 30W 50W Fiber Laser Cleaner Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Warranty: 2 Years, Lifetime Maintenance Service After-sales Service: 7*24 Hours After-sales Response
Transportation: By Air, By Sea, By Railway Etc Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, DDP, DFR Or Any Other Term As You Request
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1.3mJ Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine


50W Laser Cleaning Machine


30w laser cleaning equipment

Desktop Portable 30W 50W Fiber Laser Cleaner


Product Introduction

MRJ-FLC series is a kind of portable desktop fiber laser cleaning machine laser cleaning machine. It is good at cleaning oil stain, thin rust and paint without hurt the serface. The handheld can make it reach deep corner and dead angles.

Traditional industrial cleaning is mostly carried out by chemical agents and mechanical methods, the environmental protection regulations are more and more strict, people's environmental protection and safety awareness is increasing today, chemical cleaning methods will be less and less desirable, and the mechanical method brings the irreversible damage to the mold. In the process of looking for environmental protection, non-destructive and low cleaning cost, laser cleaning machine comes into the market,laser rust and paint removal machine has the characteristics of no grinding, no contact, no consumables, and can be applied to complex cleaning environment, It is considered to be the most reliable and effective cleaning method at present.

Product Parameters

Model MRJ-FLC-30,MRJ-FLC-50
Laser Power 30W, 50W
Laser Wavelength Fiber Laser 1064nm
Pulse Energy 1.3mJ
Focal Length F=160mm / F=254mm(Customizable)
Clean Head Weight 1.5±0.1kg
Machine Size 466*415*180mm
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Power Consumption 400W
Product Details
30W 50W 1.3mJ Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine With 1.5kg Laser Head 0


Laser Cleaning & Laser Ablating

♦ Laser cleaning is a kind of applications of laser ablation. It is the process of removing materials from a solid (or sometimes liquid) surface by irradiation with a laser beam. At low laser flux, the material is heated and vaporized or sublimated. At high laser flux, the material is usually converted to plasma.

♦ The depth at which laser energy is absorbed and the amount of material removed by a single laser pulse depends on the optical properties of the material as well as the laser wavelength and pulse length.The total mass of each laser pulse ablated from the target is often referred to as ablation rate.Laser radiation characteristics such as laser beam scanning speed and scanning line coverage rate will significantly affect the ablation process.

♦ Laser pulses can vary over a range of duration (milliseconds to femtoseconds) and flux, and can be precisely controlled. The simplest application of laser ablation is to remove material from a solid surface in a controlled manner. Laser drilling is a typical example. Pulsed lasers can drill very small, deep holes in very hard materials. Extremely short laser pulses remove the materials so quickly that the surrounding material absorbs little heat, so laser drilling can be carried out on fragile or heat-sensitive materials.


Practical application of laser cleaning

♦ In industrial applications, laser ablation is called laser cleaning. The advantages of laser cleaning are that it does not require any solvent, is environmentally friendly, and the operator is not exposed to chemicals without other hazardous substances. Although laser ablation has a high upfront capital investment, operating costs are lower than dry media or dry ice injection. The method is milder than grinding, so the carbon fibers in the composite, for example, are not damaged.

♦ Laser cleaning can also be used to effectively remove rust on the surface of iron objects. Remove oil or grease from each surface. Restore paintings, sculptures, murals. Laser ablation is one of the preferred techniques for cleaning rubber molds because of the least damage to mold surfaces.

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