200W Laser Rust Removal Portable Single Phase Laser Cleaning Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China
Brand Name: MRJ-Laser
Certification: CE, FDA, ISO9001
Model Number: MRJ-FL-C200
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box or flight case with wheels, which are safe and suitable for international transportation.
Delivery Time: 7-10 days for general type machines ,15-30 days for customized machines
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 Units per Month
Alternative Name: 200W Portable Fiber Laser Cleaner Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Warranty: 2 Years, Lifetime Maintenance Service After-sales Service: 7*24 Hours After-sales Response
Transportation: By Air, By Sea, By Railway Etc Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, DDP, DFR Or Any Other Term As You Request
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200W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine


110V Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine


220V Laser Descaling Machine

200W Portable Fiber Laser Cleaner


Product Features

• Different Cleaning Head Types

  This 200W fiber laser cleaner offers 90° and 180° laser emitting types for your option.

• High-performance Lenses

  The special materials of lensed have been processed above 1000°C and can bear much higher laser power. The special coatings of lenses increase the laser transparent rate to 99.7%.

• Self-developed Control System

  The integrated laser optic path structure and advanced technology of the MRJ-Laser cleaning machine makes 20% higher performance than the traditional laser cleaning machine.

• Customizable interface--We can provide customizable interfaces in different languages for easy use by customers.Up to 5 groups of commonly used application parameters can be saved for easy operation and use.


Product Advantages

• Laser cleaning machine does not require consumables, and the operating cost is only electricity. So its running cost is super low.

• Different from the scanning modes of other brands of laser cleaning machines, we have two cleaning scanning modes, one is linear and the other is 2D spiral scanning modes. The 2D spiral scanning mode prevents zebra patterns from being left on the surface of the substrate.

• The laser cleaning machine can work continuously for 8 hours a day.

• Different from the traditional cleaning method, the laser cleaning machine is a high-tech non-contact cleaning method, and basically no damage to the substrate.


Model MRJ-FL-C100 MRJ-FL-C200 MRJ-FL-C500

Technical Parameters of The Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Power 100W 200W 500w
Laser Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Pulse energy 1.5mJ 1-10mJ 1-100mJ
Scan length 1-100mm (customizable)
Scan width 1-20mm (customizable)
Input Power Single Phase 110V/220V/50-60Hz
Cooling Method Air Cooling


Product Parameters

200W Laser Rust Removal Portable Single Phase  Laser Cleaning Machine 0

200W Laser Rust Removal Portable Single Phase  Laser Cleaning Machine 1

Applications and Industries

• Laser cleaning machines can be used in a variety of industries: shipbuilding industry, High-end machine tools,,Aviation industry, Auto parts industry, Tyre mould, Rubber mold, Microelectronic field, Railway transportation, Other applications.

• The rust cleaning laser machine can be used not only to remove organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

• The specific applications of laser cleaning machines include: rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, cultural relics restoration, glue removal, coating removal, and coating removal

200W Laser Rust Removal Portable Single Phase  Laser Cleaning Machine 2


Application in Aerospace

• For aviation applications, it is best to use lasers to clean aircraft wing molds. Because laser cleaning does not damage the substrate and will not cause mold deformation after cleaning.

• Traditional chemical cleaning is very dangerous because it will severely damage the basic materials and the chemical waste is difficult to dispose of,which will cause serious environmental pollution.

• Meanwhile, sandblasting is rarely used to clean aerospace molds, and it may change the structure of the mold. Therefore, the laser cleaner is the most ideal choice.

200W Laser Rust Removal Portable Single Phase  Laser Cleaning Machine 3

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