1-100mJ 500w Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Powered Rust Remover

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MRJ-Laser
Certification: CE
Model Number: MRJ-FL-C
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: custom
Payment Terms: T/T,paypal
Laser Power: 500W Laser Wavelength: Fiber Laser 1064nm
Pulse Energy: 1-100mJ Focal Length: F=160mm / F=254mm(Customizable)
Input Power: Single-phase 220VAC ± 10%, 50-60Hz Optional Accessory: Hand-held / Automated
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rust removal device


rust removal equipment

KR 500w Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Powered Rust Remover



Model No. KR-FL-C500  
Laser Power 500W  
Laser Wavelength Fiber Laser 1064nm
Pulse Energy 1-100mJ  
Focal Length F=160mm / F=254mm(Customizable)
Clean Head Weight 4.5±0.1kg  
Touch Screen 9.7 inch  
Cable Length 3.0m(Customizable, up to 20m)
Scan Length 1-100mm(Customizable)
Scan Width 1-20mm(Customizable)
Working Temperature 0℃-50℃
Storage Temperature ﹣10 to﹢60℃
Operating Humidity 10% to 90%
Machine Weight 280±0.5kg  
Machine Size 987*669*1193mm  
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Power Consumption 5000W  
Input Power Single-phase 220VAC ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Optional Accessory Hand-held / Automated
laser cleaning machine is using surface decontamination capability of laser, using optical fiber transmission guide, so that cleaning can be in different position, the cleaning of different parts of an efficient, green, advanced cleaning technology, compared with chemical cleaning, without any chemicals and cleaning liquid; compared with mechanical cleaning, no grinding no stress, no supplies, minimum of matrix damage (artifacts and paintings, for a wide range of cleaning) (nuclear pipeline cleaning); the applicable object of the industrial laser cleaning machine is also more widely, to remove rust and paint, in addition to dirt, wafer surface treatment; And the cleaning degree of the handheld laser rust remover is high (to remove nano particles, the following pollution) technology has been applied in various fields (mold cleaning, cleaning and coating fighter)
Advantage Comparison


Item Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Polish Dry Ice (CO2) Cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning
Cleaning Method Laser and non-contact type Chemical agent,Contact Cleaning Mechanical/ abrasive paper, contact cleaning Dry Ice (CO2), non-contact type Cleaning agent,Contact type
Hurt for workpiece No damage With damage With damage No damage No damage
Cleaning Efficiency High Low Low Medium Medium
Consumable Just with Electricity Chemical cleaning agent abrasive paper grinding wheel, oilstone Dry Ice (CO2) Special Cleaning Agent
Effective Excellent with high cleanliness



Common, Non-uniform Excellent , non-uniform Excellent , small cleaning area
Accuracy Precise Control, High Accuracy


Lowe Accuracy


Common Accuracy


Lowe Accuracy

Can not clear in special place
Safety / Pollution No Pollution Environment Pollution Environment Pollution No Pollution No Pollution
Handling by workers

Simple Operation,

Handheld / Automation

Complex process,It is with high requirement for operator, must have preventive measure With much labor cost and must have preventive measure Simple Operation, Handheld / Automation Simple Operation, but have to add consumables
Cost Comparison

High first Investment , No consumables ,

Low Maintenance Cost

Low first investment, Extremely High Consumables cost High first Investment, high consumables cost & high labor cost Medium first Investment, high consumables cost Low first investment, Medium Consumables cost


Machine Features


1. Non contact cleaning of the portable laser rust remove machine does not damage the base of parts;

2. Accurate cleaning, accurate location, precise size, optional cleaning;

3. No chemical cleaning liquid, no supplies, safety and environmental protection;

4. The operation of the handheld laser rust remover is simple, the power supply can be achieved, and the automatic cleaning can be carried by hand or with the manipulator;

5. Using light guide fiber, the high power laser beam is introduced into the reactor, and the radioactive dust of the laser metal cleaning machine is removed directly. The cleaning material is easy to clean;

6. The laser cleaning system of the handheld laser rust remover is stable and requires little maintenance.



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